Ready, Fire, Aim

It feels like a long road just to get to the starting line, brainstorming sessions, tough conversations of how to proceed, pushed back launch dates, and real contemplation about doing this for free.


  1. The idea of Fight For It has taken many identities thus far, and I'm glad we took the time to evaluate and get our focus in check.  This began as a profitable idea, and it's not a bad thing to seek financial security, but I was quickly consumed with selfish thoughts.  This pushed me to dig deeper, and have real evaluation of my purpose, and what my goals are.  We decided it would be a noble cause to give back to charities along the way and use our abilities to help others, however I couldn’t figure a number or percentage that I was comfortable giving back.  At the end of a long day of deliberation I was rocking my daughter to sleep and I wondered what she will think of this one day, and it hit me that I want her to be proud of her dad for giving his all for others.  I want to be a good role model, and lead by example.  We decided the next day we would give all that we could, and not take any profit for ourselves.  At the year mark we will reevaluate where we are at and hopefully need to bring on some full time help.  For now we are comfortable with volunteering our time and energy, and want to be transparent with what we have going on.  So many major charitable organizations give 2% or less of donations and proceeds.  I have many flaws but I can say with confidence that we are good willed, motivated by helping others, and passionate about getting resources to those who need it most.
  2.  Fear of Faliure.  This is a big one right?  Even with new direction, and a selfless spirt renewed, I can still fail.  To protect myself I talk about how this is just a hobby, or a little creative outlet project i'm working on in my spare time.  I've avoided telling those closest to me about "Fight For It" as a means of shielding myself from doubt, and potential negative feedback.  The truth is I spend hours thinking of "the next step," "where we will go," "who we can impact," and "who will support us."  This has become more than a brainstorm collaboration.  We believe in it,  I believe it's bigger than us, and we will make a difference going forward! Thanks for the support.

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