About Us

What are you FIGHTing for?

“Fight for it.” A statement of action. Fight for the next rep, step, or yard. Fight to complete your education, for your family or to battle an illness. No matter what your background, fighting through adversity is something everyone can relate to. We have all had to battle through something, and we all have a story to tell. That is our hope for "Fight for it". We want to tell your story. We want “Fight for it” to shed light on the stories of those that are fighting the demons of PTSD, suffering through depression, battling cancer, or victimized by sex trafficking. And we hope that is only the beginning. Our shirts correspond with a specific cause, and with each shirt sold we raise more awareness. We will highlight a different story - a different fight- and raise awareness for the causes we hold most dear. Please join us to "Fight for it".